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The Aborigines have a word for it...

Jo Fox - Tuesday, May 03, 2016

...It’s called the Walkabout.

We human-beings are strange creatures. We spend most of our adult life striving to create a stable, safe place to call work, family, home and then, for no good reason, we wake up one morning and something’s happened. Things need to be changed. ‘The same’ is not right anymore and we have an inner restlessness that can’t be attributed to a bottle of Pinot the night before.


At time of writing I’m about to leave Your Consortium after a number of fantastic years as Chief Executive and feelings roll from excited to worried and back again on an hourly basis. The fact is I’m not leaving the area and will continue to support the voluntary sector in new ways in the coming months but things will, no doubt, be different.


Looking back over my time at the Your Consortium helm I’m struck by the energy, enthusiasm, and stubborn hopefulness that characterises the voluntary sector in the county. Time and time again I’ve witnessed partners delivering fantastic work – often against some pretty high odds – helping those in our neighbourhoods that need support and I’m proud to be a part of this working community. The fact is Your Consortium would not exist without strong partnership delivery and it has been great to see the sector rise to the challenges of new ways of working and a pragmatic approach to professionalism.


So there’s the new horizon, just over there – with challenges and changes, threats and possibilities. All we have to do is shift from our comfort zone and chose to venture forward.


The Aborigines have a word for it….
It’s called the Walkabout.


Sue Vasey
Chief Executive

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