Equality and Diversity Strategic Partnership

The North Yorkshire Equality and Diversity Strategic Partnership (NYED) has been established with membership from a wide range of public, private and voluntary sector organisations. There is a mailing list of over 1,000 organisations which will engage with NYED, and an executive list of about 30 which will take part in day-to-day discussions, and attend NYED meetings. NYED was established to support and promote the interests of dispersed diverse communities in the County. In particular this has evidenced a disturbing reduction in the degree of priority given by public and private organisations to the needs of specific equality groups in their own internal policies, and consequently in the delivery of the services they offer. 


Caroline O'Neill, Networking & Collaboration Officer at the Forum and Professor Gary Craig represent the voluntary sector on this partnership.


Review of issues facing Black and Minority Ethnic Groups in North Yorkshire

Ann Hindley has been appointed as a consultant to help build capacity within specific BAME groups to raise their profile, and to challenge decision-makers and service providers in other sectors with a specific focus on the needs of Black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups.
Key tasks:
  • work with specific BAME groups to build their capacity to interact with decision-makers
  • build alliances between groups in different parts of the county, so they can work together to interact at county level
  • interact directly with decision-makers to raise the profile of specific groups, and the importance of policies which promote and support their interests, in terms of being inclusive employers, and in terms of ensuring that their services are attuned to the needs of the specific communities in question
  • support NYED, comprised of colleagues from organisations in all sectors, to promote the interests of specific groups, and to take decisions about how to address them


The Partnership aims to keep you informed of issues around Equality and Diversity in North Yorkshire through its newsletter (the first issue of which was launched in September).



Partnership meetings

Partnership meetings took place on the following dates:


20 April 2016 agenda and minutes.

13 January 2016 agenda, minutes and a research update from Ann Hindley

18 November 2015 minutes

30 September 2015 (scoping meeting) 
23 March 2015 agenda and minutes
You can find out more about these meetings on the North Yorkshire Equality & Diversity Strategic Partnership listing on this site.


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